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U.I.L. Eligibility Deadline for Participation – September 21, 2018

Please note that September 21st  is the first University Interscholastic League (UIL) eligibility deadline. Students must pass all classes on this date and additionally at each nine weeks mark to be eligible to participate in contests, performances, Science Fair, games, etc.  This includes passing all classes that are for high school credit as well as those that are Pre-AP. The complete listing of U.I.L. eligibility dates is available at our website. Note students who are not passing a course on September 21st actually lose their eligibility to participate in contests on September 28th at 3:55 p.m. At our website parents/guardians and students can access, print, and/or bookmark the file titled “UIL Eligibility Dates 18-19” for a complete overview of all eligibility changes as well as progress report dates. Note students who are ineligible are prohibited from riding the bus with the team, being on the field/stage/bench during an event, or participating in any way during contests according to U.I.L. rules.