"A house without books is like a house without windows." -Horace Mann       



At different times during the year, your child may need additional help outside  the classroom.   Please do not hesitate to take advantage of the many tutoring options.  During this time, we can look over homework, review for quizzes and exams, and work on weak skills.  In addition, any projects completed early can be checked.

Mrs. Roberts' Tutoring:   Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday  8:00-8:40

PAWS Tutoring:  Tuesday. Wednesday,  Thursday 4:0-4:45 Room D109

SPARKS Tutoring:  Daily, during Advisory

McC Language Arts Department Late Work Policy
  • Daily work is not accepted late. Work is considered late if it is not turned in when the teacher asks for it in class.
  • Quizzes and tests must either be taken prior to an absence or on the first date of return from an absence unless (under special circumstances of extended absence) special arrangements are made with the teacher.
  • Major Projects (a long-range project  that is done at home) will be accepted late under the following guidelines:  All major projects are due on the Monday of the assigned week. Projects will be accepted without penalty through Friday of the same week. Should a project be turned in after Friday of the week it is due, 10 points will be subtracted for each day late - down to the grade of a zero. This would include a student being absent on the Friday at the end of the week the project was due, whether or not the absence is excused or unexcused.

Grammar/Flip Lesson and TEST Calendar
10/12= Flip Test Lesson #12 (over lessons 1-11)
12/01= Flip Test Lessons #23-24 (over lessons 13-22)
03/08= Flip Test Lessons #35-36 (over lessons 25-34)
04/19= Flip Test Lessons #48-49 (over lessons 37-47)
05/03= Flip Test Lessons #57-59 (over lessons 50-56)

Mrs. Kara Roberts
 8th grade PRE-AP Language Arts
7th grade Reading Enrichment Elective

The quickest way to reach me is via email:  kroberts@conroeisd.net

 school phone number:  832.592.5100

conference periods:  Red  11:55-1:49
                                      Green  2:30-3:55

My 8th grade syllabus is  located in the downloads

Required Books for Annotationg: Lord of the Flies   
                                Spare Parts

Book teacher will provide: A Christmas Carol

7th Grade Reading Enrichment
files are located in the 7th grade folder in my downloads
*a binder/folder, pencil, and earbuds are required daily


Follow these steps to access the Lit Book Online:
You can access the Lit Book online by clicking on the link above or by going to:

2. user name = 2016grade8highlanders (for grade 8 - must be all lower case) -or- 2016grade7highlanders (for grade 7 - must be all lowercase)
3. password = 2016grade8mccullough (for grade 8 - must be all lower case) -or- 2016grade7mccullough (for grade 7 - must be all lowercase)
4. click "explore" to access the lit book Table of Contents
5. click on the Unit # and look for the title of the work, or do a search for author or title
6. you can access story questions by clicking on the "critical thinking" tab next to the story title in the 'while you read" section

Follow these steps to access the Grammar Book Online:
You can access the Grammar Book online by clicking on the link above or by going to:

2. user name = 8highlanders (for grade 8 - must be all lower case) -or- 7highlanders (for grade 7 - must be all lowercase)
3. password = 8mccullough (for grade 8 - must be all lower case) -or- 7mccullough (for grade 7 - must be all lowercase)
4. click etext at top right and on pull down screen select: Writing Coach Texas 2011 Student Edition

Vocabulary Book Schedule                            
The workbook pages are always
due the Wednesday before each quiz.
Vocabulary Calendar                                                                                                           
09/02=Unit #1 Quiz
09/16= Unit #2 Quiz
09/30= Unit #3 Quiz
10/03= Unit #1-3 TEST
10/13= Unit #4 Quiz
10/28= Unit #5 Quiz
11/11= Unit #6 Quiz
11/14= Unit #4-6 TEST
01/06= Unit #7 Quiz
01/20= Unit #8 Quiz
02/03= Unit #9 Quiz
02/06= Unit #7-9 TEST
02/17= Unit #10 Quiz
03/03= Unit #11 Quiz
03/24= Unit #12 Quiz
04/03= Unit #10-12 TEST
04/13= Unit #13 Quiz
04/28= Unit #14 Quiz
05/05= Unit #15 Quiz
05/15= Unit #13-15 TEST




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