PreAP Science

Class Date
Class Work & Assignments
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Spectroscope Lab

Warm Up:  EM Spectrum Drawing Activity
1.  Astronomy Objectives
2.  Waves Notes with Powerpoint
3.  Spectroscope Lab (will work on in class on Monday)

HW:  EM Spectrum Video WS
         Results and Discussion Due 1/8/15
        Boards and Presentations Due 1/21

Results and Discussion.doc

OBJECTIVES_Unit 5 Astronomy_2015.doc
Waves PPT.ppt
Waves Vocabulary.doc
EM Drawing Activity.pdf
2015 Waves all around us.doc

Doppler Shift and Light Years

Warm Up:  Color the boxes in your Doppler Shift notes using the colored copy on the board (or from the attachment).  
1.  Protocol Form assignment
2.  Grade Waves All Around Us Video WS
3.  Doppler Shift and Light Year Notes
4.  Light Year Demonstration
5.  Electromagnetic Spectrum Webquest (finish at home)

HW:  Light and Waves WS
       Finish EM Spectrum Webquest
       Boards and Presentations Due 1/21
Doppler_LY_AU notes.doc
Doppler shift in light notes.doc
Protocol Paper and Travel Form Assignment.pdf
EM and Waves Webquest.pdf
Distances in Space.doc

Spectroscope Lab
Origin of the Universe

Warm Up:  Complete the Big Bang Theory Headlines

1.  Grade homework, Light and Waves WS and EM Spectrum
2.  Spectroscope Lab
3.  Notes on the Origin of the Universe
4.  Big Bang Theory Video

HW:  Formation of the Universe Websearch
        Boards and Presentations Due 1/21

The Big Bang Theory Headlines.pdf
Theories of the Universe PPT.ppt

Emission Spectrum of Different Elements.pdf
Formation of the Universe.PDF

Formation of the Universe
Galaxies (if time allows)

Warm Up:  Get out your homework.

1.  Grade the Formation of the Universe HW
2.  Notes on the Theories of the Universe from powerpoint (located on 1/12/15 attachments)
3.  EM Spectrum Quiz (This will need to be completed during tutorials or advisory)
4.  Galaxies and the Universe Worksheet (finish for homework)

HW:  Galaxies Websearch
Formation of the Universe Websearch.pdf
Waves and Galaxies WS.pdf

Origin of the Universe Continued

Warm Up:  What's a Billion?  Answer these questions in your composition notebook.

1.  Grade homework, Websearch and Waves and Galaxies WS.
2.  Go over answers for What's a Billion? Warm Up
3.  Finish Origins of the Universe Notes
4.  Galaxies Notes and Discussion

HW:  Board and Presentation are Due next Wednesday!!!  Major grade.  Do not forget to bring graded Research Plan, ISP Introduction, Materials and Methods, and Results back to me.  The rubric for the board is located on 1/6/15 attachments.  
What's a Billion.pdf
2013 Galaxies.ppt
ISP Presentations

HW:  Abstract Due on Friday 1/23

SCIENCE FAIR January 30th
EDC February 7th


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