PreAP Science

Assigned Date
Due Date
Jan 7
Content:  Potential and Kinetic Energy Review
              Graphing Motion
              Results and Discussion/ Intro/ Materials & Methods
HW:  Energy Worksheet (1st period will get this on Thursday unless you print it from here)
Results and Discussions Due (prefer 1/9, but 1/13 for sure)

Warm Up:  Odd One Out

1.  Hand out Introductions and Materials and Methods
2.  Results and Discussion Briefing
3.  Potential and Kinetic Energy Activity
4.  Graphing Motion Activity
5.  Work discussion, if time allows
Results and Discussion.docx

Nature of Energy Reading.pdf
Potential and Kinetic Energy Notes.pdf

Odd One Out Warm Up.pdf
Energy Homework Sheet.pdf

Jan 9
Content:  Graphing Motion

HW:  Results and Discussion
        Begin putting project boards together
        Work Practice Problems

Warm Up:  Angry Birds Physics WS

1.  Board discussion and examples
2.  Angry Bird Physics Review
3.  Graphing Motion:  Motion Sensor and Worksheet Activity
4.  Work:  Definition and Practice Problems
Jan 13
Content:  Physics Review

HW:  Board and Presentation Due 1/22
        Finish speed calculations lab (if data was collected during class)
        Physics Test Review (Test 1/17)


1.  Physics Review Stations
     1-Energy Review
     2-Graphing Acceleration
      3-Graphing Speed
     4-Physics vocab and formula review
     5-Newton's Laws and Forces Review
     6-Graphing Practice
     7-Speed Calculations Lab
Activities will be made up during before school or during advisory.

Forces and Newton's Laws Agree and Disagree Statement.docx
Distance and Speed Time Graphs.pdf
Physics Test Review.pdf
Jan 15
Content:  Protocol Forms Review and Physics Test Review

HW:  Boards and Presentation are due 1/22
        Physics Test 1/17

1.  Protocol forms review
2.  Graphing Motion Quiz
3.  Physics Test Review
Jan 17
Content:  Physics Test

HW:  Board and Presentations Due 1/22
Jan 22 - Jan 30
Content:  Presentations

HW:  None

1.  Stumble Sheet for Physics Test handed out (if a review is needed, you may come visit with me during tutorials or advisory)
2.  Presentations Begin
Jan 31
Feb 3
Finish Presentations from Bad Weather Days

Awards and Certificates were handed out
Feb 5
Due 2/7
Waves and Electromagnetic Spectrum

HW:  EM Spectrum Webquest

1.  The Colors of Visible Light
2.  Electromagnetic Drawing
3.  Waves Vocabulary
4.  EM Spectrum and Waves Worksheet

The Colors of Visible Light.pdf

EM Drawing Activity.pdf
Waves Vocabulary.pdf
EM and Waves WS.pdf
EM and Waves Webquest.pdf
Feb 7
Conclude Presentations
Feb 11
Understanding Our Universe

HW:  Galaxy Formation Webquest

1.  Understanding the Universe Video with video guide
2.  Chapter 24, Section 4 Reading Guide
3.  Formation of the Universe Webquest

Feb 14
Update new composition notebook
Electromagnetic Spectrum

HW:  Update answers as needed on EM Spectrum Worksheet.  To be graded on Monday.

Warm Up:  What's a Billion?

1.  Set up new composition notebook.  (Please see me before school if you were absent.)
2.  Grade Electromagnetic spectrum webquest.
3.  Waves and Galaxies Objectives
4.  Spectroscope Lab
5.  Waves Notes
Waves and Galaxies Objectives.pdf
Spectroscope Lab.pdf
Waves Notes.pdf
Feb 17
Conclude Spectroscope Lab
Waves Notes

HW:  Ch 7 Waves Notetaking Worksheet

1.  Finish spectroscope lab.
2.  Identifying Spectrum Lines
3.  Grade Science 8 - Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheet
4.  Start Wave Notes
Spectroscope Lab.pdf
Identifying Spectrum.pdf
Waves PPT.ppt
Feb 19
Waves, Doppler Effect, Light Year

HW:  None

1.  Conclude wave notes (These are in Feb 17 Attachments.)
2.  Doppler Effect Notes and Video (video can be found on You Tube - Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking on Expansion)
3.  Light Year Notes and Brief Discussion
Doppler Effect Notes.pdf
Light Year and Theories on the Formation of the Universe No.pdf
Feb 21
Light Year, Galaxy Formation

HW:  Galaxies Websearch

Warm Up:  Big Bang Theory Headlines

1.  Grade Chapter 7 Notetaking Worksheet
2.  Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking video over the Big Bang Theory, Galaxy formation discussion
3.  What is a Light Year Notes
4.  Galaxy Classification WS with PPT
The Big Bang Theory Headlines.pdf
Light Year and Theories on the Formation of the Universe No.pdf
Galaxies and Galaxy Classification.pdf
Galaxy Classification Pictures.ppt
Feb 25
Life Cycle of Stars

HW:  Finish graph and questions for Properties of Stars

Warm Up:  Those A-Maze-ing Stars

1.  Board/presentation grade review
2.  Galaxy classification (review answers)
3.  Grade Galaxy Websearch assignment
4.  Life Cycle of a Star Notes (Powerpoint with this.)
5.  Video:  Vsauce What is the Brightest Thing in the Universe?
6.  Properties of Stars (Graph and Questions)

Those A-Maze-ing Stars.pdf
Life Cycle of Stars 2011 ppt.ppt
Life Cycle of Stars Notes.doc
Properties of Stars Graph.pdf
Properties of Stars Questions.pdf
Properties of Stars Reading and Data Table.pdf
Feb 27
Planetarium Dome Visit

HW:  none
Mar 3
Conclude Life Cycle of Star Notes
Finish Benchmark

HW:  Chapter 22 Worksheets

Warm Up:  Earth -Seasons Unit Pre Assessment (No electronic copy, please get from me before school)

1.  Conclude Life cycle of  a Star Notes (Use Powerpoint from Feb 25 to complete).
2.  Finish benchmark.  If not finished, you must finish during advisory or during morning tutorials.
3.  Chapter 22 Notetaking Worksheet
4.  Chapter 22 Worksheets
Chapter 22 Worksheets.pdf
Chapter 22 Notetaking WS.pdf
Mar 5
Review HR Diagrams and Life Cycle of Stars

1.  Update table of contents in notebook and organize loose papers.
2.  HR Diagram review with notes
3.  Life Cycle of Stars with Notes
4.  Seasons Foldable
Blank HR Diagram.doc
Please see me for Life Cycle of Stars and Seasons Foldable.
Mar 7
Seasons and Moon Phases

HW:  Have an Amazing Spring Break!!

1.  Take home science boards.
2.  Conclude Seasons Foldable.
3.  Identifying Phases of the Moon I, II, & III
4.  Moon Phase Demonstration

Moon Phases I, II, & III.pdf
Mar 18
Lunar Cycle and Eclipses

HW:  Sun-Earth-Moon System Webqust
        TEST THURS. MAR 20

Warm Up:  Identifying Phases of the Moon IV

1.  Discuss homework assignment
2.  Review for Test
3.  Lunar Cycle Notes
4.  Solar and Lunar Eclipse Introduction
5.  Tides (small introduction)
6.  Identifying Moon Phases Practice (check in class for correct answers)
Identifying Phases of the Moon IV.pdf
Sun Earth Moon System Webquest.pdf
Identifying Moon Phases Practice.pdf
Mar 20
Astronomy Test

HW:  Finish the Sun Earth Moon System Webquest
Mar 24
Astronomy Stumble Sheet and Heat Transfer

HW:  Heat Transfer/ Chapter 17 Climate WS

1.  Astronomy Test Stumble Sheet
2.  Organize notebook.
3.  Grade Sun Earth Moon System Webquest
4.  Heat Transfer Introduction
PreAP Astronomy Test Stumble Sheet.doc
OBJECTIVES- Atmosphere, Weathe& Climater_2011.doc
Heat Transfer Ch 17 Notetaking WS.pdf
Heat Transfer Notes.pdf
Mar 26
Heat Transfer and Atmosphere

HW:  none (if finished in class)

1.  Grade HW Heat Transfer, Ch 17 Climate WS
2.  Heat Transfer PPT and notes
3.  Atmosphere and Elevation Handout (The circle will be completed next class.)
Heat Transfer PPT.pptHeat Transfer.ppt
Heat Transfer Notetaking.pdf
Atmosphere and Elevation Handout.pdf
Mar 28
Atmosphere and Global Winds

HW:  Global Winds & Global Wind Patterns Due Thurs (4/3)

Warm Up:  Who am I?
1.  Grade homework and Who Am I? Warm Up
2.  Notes:  Atmosphere: Temperature, Pressure, and Moisture
3. Time to work on Homework if time allows
Who Am I.pdf
Atmosphere I Am Reading.docx
Global Winds Webquest.pdf
Heating of the Earth PPT.ppt
Atmosphere Temperature, Pressure, and Moisture Handout.doc
Apr 1
Global Winds Map

HW:  none (Homework assigned Friday will be due on Thursday)

Modified Schedule due to STAAR testing

1.  Global Winds Map Drawing (on Atmosphere and Elevations HW)
Apr 3
The Role of Oceans on Weather and Climate

HW:  Ch 16 Notetaking Worksheet

Warm Up:  Reflection of How Global Winds Occur

1.  Grade Homework
2.  Notes:  Ocean Role in Weather
3.  Look at weather maps
4.  Work on homework if time allows.
Role of Oceans in Weather and Climate.ppt
The Role of Oceans in Weather and Climate.doc
Apr 7

HW:  Weather Patterns and US Air Masses

1.  Grade homework
2.  Weather Notes
3.  Weather Fronts Card Sort Activity
Weather Notes Student Handout.pdf
Weather PPT.ppt
US Air Masses & Weather.pdf
Weather Fronts Card Sort.pdf
Apr 9
Weather Review
STAAR Review

HW:  Review for Test


Warm Up:  Weather Instruments, Air Masses, and High and Low Pressure Puzzles

1.  Update notebooks for quiz grade on Friday
2.  Grade Homework
3.  STAAR Review Packet
Weather Review 2014 PreAP.doc
Weather Review.pdf
Air Mass Notes.pdf
Weather Instruments for Notes.pdf
Hi Low Pressure Circle Sort.doc
Apr 11
Heat Transfer, Atmosphere, and Weather Test

HW:  Making a Topography Map
        Category 1 Chemistry STAAR Review

1.  Psychrometer Activity
2.  Turn in Notebooks for Quiz Grade
3.  Test
4.  After Test:  Work on homework
Topography Notes.pdf
Making a Topographic Map.pdf
How to Make a Topographic Map Cutouts.pdf
Category 1.pdf
Apr 15
Topography Maps
Category 1 STAAR Review

HW:  Reading Topo Maps
       Topo Map Card Sort
       Category 2 STAAR Review Questions

1.  Category 1 STAAR Review
2.  Topography Maps Activity with USGS Maps
3.  Topo Maps Task Cards
4.  Work on homework if time allows
Topographic Maps Task Card.pdf
Reading a Topographic Map.pdf
Topo Map Card Sort.pdf
Category 2.pdf
Apr 17
Plate Tectonics
Category 2 STAAR Review

HW:  Biology Review Packet
       Category 4 STAAR Quesions

Warm Up:  Category 3 Questions

1.  Category 2 STAAR Review (Check HW questions)
2.  Check Topography Map HW
3.  Plate Tectonic Notes Explanation
4.  Category 4 (Biology) Review
Category 4.pdf
Biology Review Packet.pdf
Biology Review Packet Directions.pdf
Apr 22
Category 4 Review

HW:  Study for STAAR Science Exam

1.  Category 4 Review

Apr 24


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