PreAP Science

Class Date
Class Work & Assignments
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Spectroscope Lab

Warm Up:  EM Spectrum Drawing Activity
1.  Astronomy Objectives
2.  Waves Notes with Powerpoint
3.  Spectroscope Lab (will work on in class on Monday)

HW:  EM Spectrum Video WS
         Results and Discussion Due 1/8/15
        Boards and Presentations Due 1/21

Results and Discussion.doc

OBJECTIVES_Unit 5 Astronomy_2015.doc
Waves PPT.ppt
Waves Vocabulary.doc
EM Drawing Activity.pdf
2015 Waves all around us.doc

Doppler Shift and Light Years

Warm Up:  Color the boxes in your Doppler Shift notes using the colored copy on the board (or from the attachment).  
1.  Protocol Form assignment
2.  Grade Waves All Around Us Video WS
3.  Doppler Shift and Light Year Notes
4.  Light Year Demonstration
5.  Electromagnetic Spectrum Webquest (finish at home)

HW:  Light and Waves WS
       Finish EM Spectrum Webquest
       Boards and Presentations Due 1/21
Doppler_LY_AU notes.doc
Doppler shift in light notes.doc
Protocol Paper and Travel Form Assignment.pdf
EM and Waves Webquest.pdf
Distances in Space.doc

Spectroscope Lab
Origin of the Universe

Warm Up:  Complete the Big Bang Theory Headlines

1.  Grade homework, Light and Waves WS and EM Spectrum
2.  Spectroscope Lab
3.  Notes on the Origin of the Universe
4.  Big Bang Theory Video

HW:  Formation of the Universe Websearch
        Boards and Presentations Due 1/21

The Big Bang Theory Headlines.pdf
Theories of the Universe PPT.ppt

Emission Spectrum of Different Elements.pdf
Formation of the Universe.PDF

Formation of the Universe
Galaxies (if time allows)

Warm Up:  Get out your homework.

1.  Grade the Formation of the Universe HW
2.  Notes on the Theories of the Universe from powerpoint (located on 1/12/15 attachments)
3.  EM Spectrum Quiz (This will need to be completed during tutorials or advisory)
4.  Galaxies and the Universe Worksheet (finish for homework)

HW:  Galaxies Websearch
Formation of the Universe Websearch.pdf
Waves and Galaxies WS.pdf

Origin of the Universe Continued

Warm Up:  What's a Billion?  Answer these questions in your composition notebook.

1.  Grade homework, Websearch and Waves and Galaxies WS.
2.  Go over answers for What's a Billion? Warm Up
3.  Finish Origins of the Universe Notes
4.  Galaxies Notes and Discussion

HW:  Board and Presentation are Due next Wednesday!!!  Major grade.  Do not forget to bring graded Research Plan, ISP Introduction, Materials and Methods, and Results back to me.  The rubric for the board is located on 1/6/15 attachments.  
What's a Billion.pdf
2013 Galaxies.ppt
ISP Presentations

HW:  Abstract Due on Friday 1/23

SCIENCE FAIR January 30th
EDC February 7th
Science Fair Awards

HW:  Evolution of Stars WS and finish Properties of Stars Activity

Universe Quiz - Wed. 2/4/15
EDC Competition 2/7

EDC Practice after school as needed until 5 Tuesday through Friday this week.

1.  Science Fair Awards
2.  Fingerprinting the Stars & Star A Questions
3.  Life Cycle of a Star Reading
4.  Properties of Stars Activity

Fingerprinting the Stars.pdf
Star A Questions.pdf
Life Cycle of a Star Reading.doc
Properties of Stars.pdf
Evolution of Stars.pdf

HR Diagrams and Life Cycle of Stars

HW:  pg. 296-302  Read and answer all questions in the margins on these pages in the textbook.

1.  Grade homework from last class, Evolution of Stars WS and Properties of Stars Activity.
2.  Universe Quiz (This will need to be made up during tutorials or advisory if absent.)
3.  Life Cycle of Star Notes from power point (through nebula)

2014 Life Cycle of a Star and HR Diagrams PPT.ppt

Spend the entire class looking at stars!!!
Life Cycle of Stars

HW:  Stars Webquest

1.  Finish notes on life cycle of stars.
2.  HR Diagram Quiz

Stars webquest.doc
Astronomy Test Review.pdf

After discussing biology options for high school, we will grade the Stars Webquest.

ASTRONOMY TEST Friday the 13th

HW:  Earth's Rotation and Revolution WS
        Heating It Up Graph

1.  Astronomy Test
After Test:  Work on homework assignments.  
rotation and revolution.docx
2 Heating Things Up Student Copy.pdf
(For students that are absent, please use City Set 2 for your graph.)

HW:  Seasons Simulation

1.  Astronomy Test Stumble Sheet
2.  Grade Earth's Rotation and Revolution
3.  Heating It Up Activity
4.  Seasons Station 1 (Only engage and explore questions.  The rest will be answered in class on Friday.)
5.  Seasons Foldable

(If absent, you will need to see me for the seasons foldable instructions.  Everything else is attached here.  Stumble Sheet will be posted after everyone finishes testing.)  

6 Seasons Simulation Directions.pdf
1 Seasons Stations Engage Slide.ppt
1 Seasons Station Student Page.pdf
Seasons Foldable.pdf


HW:  Seasons WS (Earth's Motion)

Quiz over Seasons on Tuesday

Warm Up: Duck Dynasty Season Facts
1.  Grade Seasons Simulation
2.  Complete Student Page of Seasons Station 1
3.  Daylight Hours Activity
4.  Finish Seasons Foldable

Duck Dynasty Fact vs. Fiction.pdf
3 Daylight Hours Student Copy.pdf
3 Daylight Hours Data Table and Cities.pdf
(If absent, complete City Set 1 for Daylight Hours.)
Lunar Cycle

HW:  Moon Phase Foldable

Warm Up:  Moon True False Statements

1.  Seasons Quiz (if absent, take during tutorials or during advisory)
2.  Grade homework from last class
3.  Moon Phase Notes - shadows
4.  Moon Illumination Activity

(If absent, you will need to come get the moon illumination activity from me before school during tutorials.)
Moon Phase True False Statements Student Copy.doc
Moon Phases PPT.ppt
Moon Phases Notes.doc
Lunar Cycle
Tides and Eclipses

HW:  Tides and Eclipses WS
        Seasons/Lunar Test Review

Warm Up:  Seasons Cootie Catcher
1.  Review Exit Ticket from last class and Moon Phase Foldable
2.  Moon Phase Notes and Activity (on 2/24)
3.  Tides and Eclipse Notes

SEASONS and LUNAR CYCLE TEST Wednesday, March 4
Earth's Cycles Cootie Catcher.pdf
Tides and Eclipses.ppt
Tides and Eclipse Notes.doc
Eclipses and Tides WS.pdf
Test Review Student copy.doc

Eclipses and Tides

HW:  Study for the Test

1.  Lunar Cycle Quiz (must be made up during tutorials or advisory if absent)
2.  Finish Eclipses and Tides notes from 2/25
3.  Grade homework (Eclipses and Tides WS and Test Review)
4.  If time allows, complete tides activity
None for today!  
Seasons and Lunar Cycle Test

HW:  Heat Transfer & Energy Transfer WS and
        Heat Transfer and Global Winds Webquest

After the Test:  Work on your homework assignments.  

Heat Transfer & Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere.pdf
Global Winds Webquest.doc
Stumble Sheet
Air Masses and Global Winds

HW:  Air Currents WS

Warm Up:  Sort the air mass puzzle located on the desk. (There is a copy of the puzzle here.)

1.  Planner Quiz (Absent-Please take during tutorials or advsiory.)
2.  Seasons and Moon Test Stumble Sheet
3.  Grade Heat Transfer and Global Winds Webquest and the Thermodynamics WS
4.  Start the Weather Forecasting and Air Masses powerpoint with notes.  

(Keep your notes for the Pressure and Fronts and What are Air Masses for next class.)
Air Mass Card Sort.doc
2015 Seasons and Moon PreAP Stumble Sheet.pdf
Weather Forecasting and Air masses.ppt
Air Currents WS.pdf
Weather Forecasting and Air masses ppt notes.doc
Pressure and Fronts Notes.doc
2 Heating Things Up Student Copy.pdf

Global Winds
Air Masses
Pressure Systems

HW:  El Nino Article

Warm Up:  What are Air Masses? (WS from previous class)
1.  Grade Air Currents WS
2.  Conclude notes over Global Winds and Air Masses (on previous class day)
3.  Pressure System Notes (notes were given out during class previous class)

Powerpoint for these notes in on the previous class period.  
El Nino Article.pdf
Benchmark Test
After the Test:  Ocean Currents WS

Make sure the Ocean Current WS and El Nino are done when you return from spring break.
Ocean Currents WS.pdf
Ocean's Role in Weather

HW:  Fronts Data Table
       Weather Instrument Sort


Warm Up:  Global Wind Belts and High and Low Pressure

1.  Grade warm up and El Nino assignments.
2.  Ocean and Hurricane Notes with Powerpoint
3.  If any time remains, work on homework.

Directions for homework:

Instrument Matching- Cut and sort the cards according to the correct name, image, and instrument function.  Glue into your composition notebook.

Weather Front Table- Be very general in your description of weather before, during, and after for the different fronts.  

Example:  Cold Front
Before: warmer
During: decreasing
After:  colder

High -Low Pressure and Global Wind Belts.pdf
2015 Role of Oceans in Weather and Climate.ppt
2015 Role of Oceans in Weather and Climate.doc
Hurricane Notes.pdf
Instrument matching.doc
Weather Front Table.doc
Weather Instruments
Weather Maps

HW:  Study for Weather Test on Friday

Warm Up:  Can You Predict the Weather? Use the weather map to answer the questions in your composition notebook.

1.  Weather Map Practice with powerpoint and practice weather maps
2.  Relative Humidity Lab - If absent, this will need to be made up during morning tutorials or advisory.
Can You Predict the Weather Warm Up.doc
Weather Map 1-5-14.pdf

Weather Map Forecasting PPT0.ppt
Relative Humidity Lab.pdf

Lab Answer Sheet Relative Humidity Using a Psychrometer.doc
Weather Map #3.pdf
Weather Map WS.pdf
Tools Card Sort.doc
Weather Fronts Card Sort.pdf
Hi Low Pressure Circle Sort.doc
2015 Weather Test Review.doc
Answers for Weather Map #3.pdf
Answers for Weather Map WS.pdf
Weather Test

After the Test:  Life Science PreAssessment

Turn in Relative Humidity Labs

HW:  The Continental Drift Hypothesis

Continental Drift Hypothesis & Seafloor Spreading WS.pdf
STAAR TESTING-Modified Schedule

Review benchmark and life science preassessment results.

Turn in Continental Drift homework from 3/26

No homework.
Plate Tectonic Theory

HW:  Quiz on Tuesday over History of Plate Tectonic Theory
        Landforms at Plate Boundaries WS

Warm Up:  Moving Plates

1.  Grade Continental Drift Hypothesis WS
2.  Plate Tectonic Notes with Powerpoint

moving plates and tectonic plate notes.pdf
OBJECTIVES- Unit 10 Plate Tectonics & Topo Maps_2012.DOC
2015 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics PPT.pptx
Plate Boundary Notes.doc
Plate Tectonics Lab
Topographic Maps

HW:  Tectonic Plates and Crustal Formations
        Finish both labs.

Box 500 Questions

Warm Up:  Analyzing Evidence:  Continental Drift (page 3 on Continental Drift Activity)

1.  Plate Tectonic Theory Quiz - If absent, this will need to made up during tutorials before school or during advisory.
2.  Grade homework - Landforms at Plate Boundaries - If absent, please make sure to turn this in.
3.  Conclude plate tectonic notes - Use powerpoint from 4/2 to finish the notes.
4.  Graham Cracker Plate Tectonic Lab - If absent, you can do this lab at home if you have the needed supplies (or find substitutes in your kitchen), otherwise we will need to schedule a make up day.
5.  Topographic Maps Activity - You can complete all of this activity except for a part of Activity 2.  You can make this up during tutorials or advisory.
Continental Drift Activity.pdf
Graham Cracker Lab Student Procedures.doc
Graham cracker lab answer sheet.doc
Topographic Maps Activity.docx

Topographic Maps

HW:  Mapping Activity 4
       Topo Map Practice WS

(Both of the HW assignments are on legal size paper.  Please see me if you were absent for a copy.)

Box 600 & 700 Questions

Warm Up:  Duck Dynasty Plate Tectonic Facts-Highlight the false statements.

1.  Grade homework.
2.  Review Topographic Map Activity from previous class.
3.  Water Box Topographic Map Lab

Fact Vs Fiction Duck Dynasty.pdf
Contour Lines Review.doc
Rules of Contour Lines on Topographic Maps.doc
Topo Map Water Box Lab.doc

Weather Test Stumble Sheet
Conclude Topographic Maps
Chemistry Review Begin

HW:  Box 100/200 Questions
REMINDER:  All STAAR Review material has been moved to the STAAR Review tab from the home page.
Chemistry and Physics STAAR Review

HW:  Only STAAR Review questions until further notice.

STAAR REVIEW:  Box 300, 400 Questions

Warm Up:  Measurement Warm Up WS

Chemistry Review-Chemistry Review WS
Physics Review-Physics Review WS

All attachments are on the STAAR Review tab from homepage.
Biology STAAR Review

HW:  STAAR Review

STAAR REVIEW:  Biology Questions

Warm Up:  Physics - Forces Warm Up

Biology Review WS
All attachments are on the STAAR Review tab from homepage.
Test Review

HW:  Virtual Earthquake Webquest
Test - Monday 4/27 Plate Tectonics and Topography

Warm Up:  Movement of Crustal Plates

1.  Review Warm Up
2.  Reading a Topographic Map (Topo Map Review)
3.  Plate Tectonics Review Table
4.  Plotting Epicenter WS

Virtual Earthquake.pdf
Plotting Epicenter Worksheet.pdf
Movement of Crustal Plates Diagram.pdf
Plate Tectonics Review Table.pdf
Topo Map Review.pdf

Plate Tectonics Test

HW:  Ecology WS

1.  Grade Virtual Earthquake
2.  Plate Tectonics Test
3.  After the test:  work on Ecology WS
Ecology WS.pdf
What is an Ecosystem Article.doc
Food Webs

HW:  Examining the Stages of Ecological Succession

Warm Up:  Food Webs WS

1.  Grade homework- Ecology WS
2.  Review warm up
3.  Food Web Construction Lab (finish for homework if not completed during class)

2015 Ecology Objectives.doc
Food Web Warm Up.pdf
Food Web Construction.pdf
Examining the Stages in Ecological Succession.pdf
Symbiotic Relationships
Habitat vs. Niche

HW:  When Animals Compete and Deer Predation WS

1.  Plate Tectonics Stumble Sheet
2.  Symbiotic Relationships - (cards are needed for this, if absent, please see me during tutorials or advisory)
3.  Lion King:  Habitat vs. Niche  Lion King Link
4.  Review answers for ecological succession homework
5.  People are Scratching Activity  People are Scratching Link
2015 PreAP Plate Tectonics and Topographic Maps Stumble sh.docx
Symbiotic Relationships & Habitat & Niche WS.pdf
When Animals Compete & Deer Predation WS.pdf
Natural Selection

HW:  Finish the natural selection lab

1.  Grade homework assignments
2.  Food Web Quiz (make this up during tutorials or advisory if absent)
3.  Natural Selection Lab (If absent, you will need to schedule a day with me to make this up during tutorials.)
Natural Selection Lab.docx
Natural Selection
Water Quality

HW:  Adaptations in Speices WS
        Squid Dissection Permission Slips -Last possible day to turn in May 14

Warm Up:  Finish the Natural Selection Lab
Squid Permission Slip DUE May 14th

1.  Discuss squid dissection and Natural Selection.
2.  A Bug's Life Water Quality Lab
Squid Dissection Permission Slip.pdf
Adaptations and Human Dependence on Oceans Ws.pdf
A Bug's Life.pdf
A Bug's Life Site Collections and Bug Key.doc

Human Dependence on Oceans
Squid Dissection

HW:  Squid Coloring Worksheet

Squid Dissection Permission Slips Due no later than May 14 (those are attached to May 7th for additional copies)

Warm Up:  Fitting Features (Animal Adaptations Worksheet)

1.  Grade homework over adaptations and human dependence on oceans
2.  Human Dependence on Oceans Presentation and Notes
3.  Squid Dissection Notes-Use both presentations for squid coloring worksheet and to become familiar with squid prior to dissection on Friday

Squid Coloring Directions
1.  Label all diagrams.  (#8 on male is point to the wrong structure, it should be pointed to the same structure as the female #8)
2.  Any structures that the female and male have in common must be colored with the same color (i.e. gills are pink in both pictures)
3.  Label the diagrams as male or female
4.  If you're not sure, come see me during tutorials or email me!!

Science Worksheet- animal adaptations.pdf
2015 Squid.ppt
Squid Dissection.ppt
Squid Coloring Sheet.pdf
Technology Testing
Adaptations and Squid Bytes Webquests

HW:  Complete the webquests for homework.

1.  Turn in squid coloring worksheet
2.  Once the tech testing is completed, start working on webquests

2015 Adaptations webquest.doc
2015 Squidbytes.doc
Squid Dissection

HW:  The Ecology WS
        Finish Squid Lab Analysis

1.  Squid Dissection
Squid Lab Analysis Sheet.pdf
Squid Lab Background Info and Directions.pdf
The Ecology (Adaptations) WS.pdf
Test Review

HW:  Study for Test

Ecology Test on Thursday 5/21

Warm Up:  Artic Animals Video with Handout

1.  Grade some homework and classwork.
2.  Review for Test


Adaptations and Human Dependence on Oceans Quiz.pdf
Ecology Test

After the Test:  Semester Exam Review DUE THURSDAY 5/28

2015 Final Semester Exam Review.doc
Squiz (Squid Quiz)
Ecology Test Stumble Sheet

Work on Semester Exam Review
Semester Exam will be due during class today.

Squiz Review
Semester Exam Review
Week of 6/1


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