PreAP Science

Class Date
Class Work & Assignments
Course Introduction
HW:  Acknowledgements and Safety Contract-Get signed

Please see my home page for class acknowledgments.  Safety Contract is on Parent Access.
Safety in Science
HW:  Science Safety Your Way Due 9/3

1.  Conclude course guidelines from Monday
2.  Set up composition notebooks (Please see me during tutorials or advisory if you were absent.)
3.  Discuss Science Safety Your Way assignment - Choose one of the ten projects to complete.
4.  Safety Scenarios Activity - Rotate through various scenarios to find safe practices in the lab.  (If absent, we will conclude this activity in class on Friday.  It is not necessary to come to tutorials for this assignment.)

Safety Scenarios.docx
Safety Scenarios Answer Sheet.doc

Flinn Safety Contract.pdf

Safety in Science
HW:  Science Safety Your Way Due 9/3
        Safety Quiz on 9/3

1.  Review planner information.
2.  Add periodic table, formula chart, and safety rules to composition notebook.
3.  Review answers from safety scenarios.
4.  Prove or Disprove?  Activity
If you were absent, please see me for tutorials to finish setting up your composition notebook.  

Intro to Safety.doc
Fire Safety Notes and Crossword.pdf

Safety Quiz
Current Science Research

HW:  Current Science Research Due Week of 9/15
        Equipment Match Up 9/5

1.  Safety Quiz
2.  Current Science Research

Student Example.doc
Equipment Match up.doc
Current Science Research
Scientific Method

HW:  Identifying Variables WS 9/9
       Textbook Scavenger Hunt WS 9/9
       Current Science Research Due 9/15
       Unit 1 Test 9/11

1.  Textbook Handout (if absent, see Mr. Horan during your lunch break)
2.  Compare and Contrast Activity: Coke and Diet Coke (see me during tutorials or advisory to complete this assignment)
3.  Experimental Scenarios (need to set this up before class during tutorials or advisory if absent)
4.  If time allows, we will work on current science research.

Experimental Scenarios.pdf
Identifying variables worksheet.doc
Scientific Method
Quantitative vs. Qualitative Observations
Theory vs. Law

HW:  Practicing Using the Steps of the Scientific Method WS Due 9/11
       UNIT 1 TEST on Thursday 9/11
       Current Science Research Due 9/15

1.  Warm Up:  Work on Experimental Scenarios
2.  Grade homework assignments from 9/5
3.  Qualitative vs. Quantitative
4.  Graphing Foldable
5.  Theory vs. Law (Read pg. 12 in textbook)

Table of Contents Update
Pg 18 Equipment Matchup
Pg 19 Qualitative vs. Quantitative
Pg 20 Graphing

Practicing Steps of the Scientific Method.doc
Qualitative vs Quantitative Observations.pdf
Graphing Foldable.pdf
Unit 1 Test
After Test:  Measurement PreQuiz

HW:  Current Science Research  Due 9/15  After 9/19, it will be late.

1.  Test
2.  Measurement Quiz
There is nothing to print here.  If you are absent, you will need to make up both the test and the quiz on the next class day.  
Significant Figures
Test and Quiz Review
Research Plans

HW:  Current Science Research Due now.  Late after Friday.
        Research Plans 9/23
        Finish significant figures activity
        Parent Letter for EDC Participants 9/17

Warm Up:  APA Format

1.  Test and Quiz Review
2.  EDC Parent Letter
3.  Research Plan Assignment
4.  Significant Figures
Sig Fig Cards Color.pdf
Sig Fig Rules and Practice.pdf
Significant Figures Student Page.pdf
Significant Figures
Stumble Sheet from Unit 1 Test
Length Lab

HW:  Finish the length lab as much as possible.  (Warm up on Friday will be completing the questions that require a meterstick, your partner, or pieces of furniture in the class, etc.)

Research Plans Due 9/23

Warm Up:  Use the "ruler" to measure the arrows.  Glue in on page 26 and write your answers with one estimated digit.

1.  Stumble Sheet for Unit 1 Test
2.  Significant Figures Activity
3.  Length Lab

The "ruler" and stumble sheet must be picked up during tutorials or advisory if absent.

Significant Figures Activity can be printed from 9/15/14.

Length Practicing Measurement Skills.doc
Length Lab Conclusion
Specific Heat Lab

HW:  Research Plans Due 9/23

Warm Up:  Length Lab Measurements & Safety for Specific Heat Lab

1.  Research Plans Question and Answer Period
2.  Specific Heat Lab

Finish specific heat graph and conclusion.  

Volume Lab
Density Lab

HW:  Graduated Cylinder Practice WS
        Volume Lab Conclusion Questions and box and t-chart
        5 Printed Research Articles that will be used in ISP must be brought to class on September 29 for a 100 quiz grade.  Each article printed will be worth 20 points.  No articles will mean a zero for a quiz grade.  We will be using these in class on September 29.

Turn in Research Plans!!

1.  Volume Lab
2.  Density Lab

Volume Practice WS.pdf
Density Lab
Online Metrics Practice

HW:  Finish online metrics
        5 Research Articles Due 9/29 Quiz Grade
        Metrics Practical Major Grade 10/1

Discovering Density Lab.pdf
Interactive Metrics Online.doc
ISP Background Research

HW:  Research Article Summary #1 Due 10/3

1.  Selective Highlighting of Articles
2.  Set up ISP Journal
3.  Power Notes over Article #1

The research plan handed back today in class, MUST be attached to updated research plan that will be due on October 9.  
Metrics Practical

HW:  Article #1 Summary Due 10/3
       Updated Research Plans Due 10/9

If you did not finish Pages 42-52 reading and questions 1-9 during class, please complete these.  
Atomic Models

HW:  Updated Research Plans Due 10/9

1.  Metrics Practical Stumble Sheet
2.  Atomic Models Notes and Powerpoint
Atomic Model Data Table.doc
Atomic Model PPT.ppt
Atomic Structure
The Atom Song

HW:  Updated Research Plan Due 10/9
       Artcile Summary #2 Due 10/15

1.  Article #2 Summary Discussion
2.  The Atom Song
3.  The Inside of an Atom Activity
The Inside of an Atom Activity.doc
The Inside of an Atom Pictures.pdf
Atomic Model Review
Atom Song Quiz
Bohr Model Activity and Notes

HW:  Drawing Atoms of Elements Lab Due 10/13
       Article Summary #2 Due 10/15
       Article Summary #3 Due 10/23

Warm Up:  Sort the Atomic Model Cards with your neighbor.  

1.  Atom Song Quiz (see me before school to make up)
2.  Conclude the Inside of an Atom Activity (if needed)
3.  Bohr Models Activity and Notes
Bohr model Group discovery worksheet.doc
Protocol Forms
Periodic Table Trends

HW:  Protocol Email Parent Confirmation 10/15
       Article Summary #2 Due 10/15
       Article Summary #3 Due 10/23
       Chemistry TEST 10/23
       Textbook Online Homework Due 10/15

1.  Complete protocol call (science fair) registration and send parent email for permission to participate.
2.  Periodic Table Trends - metals, metalloids, and nonmetals
Metals, Metalloids, Nonmetals Foldable.pdf
Atomic Model Review
Periodic Table Properties

HW:  Research Article #3 Due 10/23
        Chemistry Test 10/23
        Complete online protocols on  10/17

Warm Up:  Understanding Valence Electrons

1.  Review homework from textbook for correct answers
2.  Discuss warm up
3.  Atomic Models with Atom Boards
4.  Properties of the Periodic Table Lab (please make up during tutorials or advisory)
Planner Quiz
Update composition notebooks

HW:  Protocol Forms if not already completed

1.  Planner Quiz
2.  Update composition notebooks
Table of Contents
Pg. 35 Atom Song Quiz
Pg. 36 Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals Foldable
Pg. 39-41 Bohr Model WS
Pg. 42-43 Drawing Atoms of Elements Lab
Pg. 45 Atom Notes
Atom Notes.pdf
Atomic Structure Test Review

HW:  Atomic Structure Test 10/23
        Article Summary #3 Due 10/23
Atomic Structure PreAP Test Review.doc
Atomic Structure Test
After Test:  Matter Review

HW:  Check for updates and comments

1.  Atomic Structure Test
2.  Why Does Matter Matter?
3.  Color Coding the Periodic Table

Why Does Matter matter Reading.pdf
Why Does Matter matter Questions.pdf
Family Ties.pdf
Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

HW:  Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes WS
        Density WS
        ISP Introduction

1.  Check matter homework
2.  ISP Introduction and Protocol Form Update
3.  Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Foldable and Notes
4.  Density Notes

(Density Video: 

Pg. 46 Atomic Structure Test Stumble Sheet
Pg. 47 Unit 3 Objectives
Pg. 48  Physical and Chemical Changes Notes
Pg. 49 Physical & Chemical Properties & Changes Foldable
Pg. 50  Density Notes
Pg. 51 Density Foldable
Pg. 52 Mass, Volume, Density? Practice Problems

Physical and Chemical Changes Notes.ppt
Chemical and Physical Changes Foldable.pdf
Physical and Chemical Changes WS.doc
Density Foldable.pdf
Density Practice Problems.pdf

Density WS.pdf
Atomic Structure Test Stumble Sheet
Physical and Chemical Changes Review
Matter:  Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures
            States of Matter

HW:  Rough Draft of ISP Intro Due 11/4
        Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures WS
        Matter WS

1.  Stumble Sheet
2.  Discuss Unit 3 Objectives
3.  Physical and Chemical Changes Review
4.  Grade Homework

We ran out of time today so the homework over matter will be due on 11/4.  
Atomic Structure PreAP TEST Stumble Sheet.doc
Unit 3 Chemistry Objectives.pdf
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Foldable.pdf
States of Matter Student Notes.pdf
Matter Woksheet.doc
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

HW:  Rough Draft of ISP Intro Due 11/4
        Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures WS
        Matter WS

1.  Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Lecture with Notes
2.  States of our Matter Soap Opera!! (lecture with notes)
3.  Substances Lab - group lab
See previous day for print outs.
Law of Conservation of Mass

HW:  Balancing WS
Science Fair - Check for updates.
Human Participant Form If you are working with humans, print this form out and complete the top section and turn in tomorrow.
SRC and Human Participation  If you need a SRC approval before beginning or you are working with humans, print this form out and turn in.

          Print out a risk assessment and turn in.

1.  The Mass of Reactants and Products Lab
2.  Law of Conservation of Mass Notes
3.  Balancing Equations

Conservation of Mass Notes.doc
Counting Atoms notes and practice grid.doc
Balancing Worksheet.pdf
Balancing Equations

HW:  Only Balancing Act if you did not finish in class.

Upcoming:  Test on Nov 12
                  ISP Final Draft Due Nov 17
                  Science Fair/EDC Boards are for sale on McC webstore until Nov 20

1.  Go over Counting Atoms WS
2.  Review Balancing Equations WS
3.  Balancing Equations WS/Notes
4.  Balancing Act
Balancing Equations WS.pdf
Balancing Act Student Copy.pdf
Chemical Reactions Lab
Test Review

HW:  Study for test.  TEST on Wednesday 11/12

Warm Up:  Chemistry Review

1.  Grade Balancing Act
2.  Chemical Reactions Lab
3.  Test Review (used flashcards in class)

Counting Atoms Warm Up.pdf
PreAP Chemistry Periodic Table Test Review 2014.doc
PreAP Chemistry Periodic Table Test Review with hints and a.doc
Chemistry Test
Physics PreAssessment

HW:  Finish PreAssessment if not completed during class today.


5 bonus points will be given if turned in on Monday, the 17th

Physics Introduction Lessons- Please see me for assignments.  

Motion:  Graphs:  Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

HW:  Speed Problem Worksheets
        D-T and S-T Graphing WS

Warm Up:  Go Kart Test Run

1.  Stumble Sheet for Chemistry 2 Test
2.  Go Kart Test Run - brief discussion
3.  Moving Man Activity- Here's the website if you want to play around with the Sim
4.  Motion Graph Notes and Speed Graph Notes
5.  Compare Distance-Time Graphs and Speed-Time Graphs - together as a class


1.  Science Fair Entry Forms must be turned in by Thursday
2.  Final Draft ISP Intro is due by Friday
3.  Thursday, Nov. 20 will be the last day to purchase boards for presentations

Table of Contents Update:
Pg. 53 Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Foldable
Pg. 54 States of Matter Notes
Pg. 55 Physical vs. Chemical Changes Warm Up
Pg. 56 Family Ties
Pg. 57 Properties of the Periodic Table Lab
Pg. 58 Color Coding the Periodic Table Student WS
Pg. 59  Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Ws
Pg. 60 Why Does Matter Matter?
Pg. 61 Matter HW
Pg. 62 Density Ws
Pg. 63 Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes WS
Pg. 64 Law of Conservation of Mass Notes
Pg. 65 Counting Atoms WS
Pg. 66  Balancing WS
Pg. 67 Balancing Equations
Pg. 68  Chemistry 2 Test Stumble Sheet
Pg. 69 Force and Motion Objectives
Pg. 70 Go Kart Test Run Warm Up
Pg. 71 Motion Graph Notes
Pg. 72 Speed Graph Notes
Pg. 73 Comparing Distance Time Graphs and Speed Time Graphs WS

Go Kart Test Run Warm Up.pdfPreAP Chemistry Test 2 Stumble Sheet.doc
Motion Graph Notes.pdf
Speed Graph Notes.pdf
Comparing d-t graphs to s-t graphs.pdf
d-t and s-t graphs HW.pdf
Speed Problem WS.pdf
Science Benchmark
After Test:  Graphing Practice and Forces Packet
HW:  If you do not finish the graphing practice and forces packet, please finish before returning from the holiday.

After the Thanksgiving Break, we will finish physics and test over this.  You can continue to work on your science fair and EDC projects over the Thanksgiving break.

1.  Science Benchmark
2.  After the Test:  Graphing Practice WS and Forces Packet

Forces Packet.pdf
Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

HW:  Materials and Methods Due Friday 12/5, Physics Test next Tuesday, 12/9

Warm Up:  Speed Data Match

1.  Introductions handed back, Materials and methods explained
2.  Grade Speed Problem WS, Graphing WS, and Forces Packet
3.  Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Notes
Speed Data Match.pdf
Materials and Methods.pdf
Speed, Velocity, Acceleration PPT.ppt
Forces and Newton's Laws

HW:  Materials and Methods Due Friday 12/5
       Physics Test moved to Thursday, 12/11
       Print out semester exam review and bring to class on Thursday, 12/11,  You should begin working on completing this (starting with the physics section)
       Newton's 2nd Law Practice Problems

Warm Up:  Forces and Newton's Law Agree or Disagree

     Here is the link to the forces simulation that we used in class.  
2.  Forces Pop Quiz (This will need to be made up during tutorials before school)
3.  Newton's Laws - go over notes with class demonstrations

Newton's 2nd Law Practice Problems.pdf

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion Murrary WS.pdf
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
Weight as a Force

HW:  Physics Test Thursday, 12/11
       Print out semester exam review and bring to class on Thursday.

Warm Up:  Force and Motion Ideas, Odd One Out

1.  Review Newton's Laws
2.  Go over warm up answers
3.  Weight Notes
4.  Watch Orion launch
Force and Motion Ideas Warm Up.pdf
Weight as a Force.ppt
Net Force Practice HW.pdf
Work and Energy

HW:  Physics Test 12/11
        Print out semester exam review and bring to class with you on Thursday.

Warm Up:  Newton's Laws Review

1.  Go over Odd One Out
2.  Review for physics test
3.  Work
4.  Energy Review

The physics test review and weight worksheet are optional, but will help you with your test review.
Odd One Out Warm Up.pdf
Work Packet.pdf
2014 Physics Test Review.doc
Weight WS.pdf
Physics Test
Semester Exam Review
PreAP First Semester Exam Review 2014.doc
Week of 12/15
Monday - 1st Period Red
Wednesday - 2nd and 4th Period Red

4th period on Friday, Dec 19 will eat D lunch at 12:20


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