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Semester Exam Review Sheets
Second Semester
7th Level:
7th/8th Algebra I Pre-AP:
8th Geometry Pre-AP:

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FYI Regarding Calculator Use:
7th Level Math:  Calculators are not used in this course.

7th Pre-Algebra, 8th Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry:  Graphing calculators are used throughout these courses.  The TI-84 Plus is the recommended calculator, and all calculators in the TI-83 and TI-84 families are compatible.  Students are not required to purchase a graphing calculator as calculators are available for student use at school.  Owning a graphing calculator can be helpful for completing some assignments outside of class.  Students who do not own a graphing calculator are welcome to use the school calculators during Advisory, before-school tutorials, or PAWS tutorials after school in order to complete the assignments which incorporate calculator use.

McC UIL Number Sense Team - Mrs. Harbin  (will have a new coach for '17-'18)
McC UIL A+ Mathematics Team - Mrs. Driver

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McCJHS Math Department Policies
Late Work Policy (revised 08/15/16)
  • Daily and Quiz - Daily or quiz work that is assigned as homework will not be accepted late for full credit. Daily or quiz work that is assigned as homework will be accepted late for a maximum grade of 50%. Teachers will accept late work until the day of the topic test.
  • Major - Major grade assignments will be accepted late for a 10% penalty per school day.
Math Test Accessibility (revised 08/15/16)
For test security, all tests will be stored at school.  Parents/guardians interested in reviewing a test may either review the test at school or check out the test to review it at home.
  • To review the test at school: Parents should contact the teacher, and the test will be available in the front office. Parent will be asked to sign an acknowledgement to protect test security.
  • To check the test out to review it at home: Parents should contact the teacher, and the test will be available in the front office to be picked up by the parent. To review the test at school, parents should contact the teacher, and the test will be available in the front office.  The parent who signs for the test must also return the test to the front office.  The student is NOT allowed to bring the test back to class.
Test Retake Policy (revised 08/15/16)
Students will be given the opportunity to retake at least one test each grading period. The maximum retake grade that students can earn is a 75. The higher of the two grades will be taken. For the retake, teachers have the option of giving the same test or creating a new test. Due to the nature of some assignments, teachers may limit which tests can be offered for retakes. It is up to the teacher as to when retakes will be offered. Teachers may choose to require tutorials or additional review work prior to the retake. If cheating on a test is discovered, the opportunity to retest is forfeited. There are no retakes on semester or final exams.
Grading for each Nine Weeks for all levels of math:
  • 60% Major Grades (tests and projects)
  • 20% Daily Grades (class work and homework)
  • 20% Quizzes (may also include lab activities)
Grading for each Semester:
7th Grade Math and 7th/8th Pre-Algebra
  • 45% First Nine Weeks
  • 45% Second Nine Weeks
  • 10% Semester Exam
Algebra I and Geometry Pre-AP (High School Credit)
  • 42.5% First Nine Weeks
  • 42.5% Second Nine Weeks
  • 15% Semester Exam
Math Department Honesty Expectation

Teaching good citizenship is a primary goal of our school.  Offenses involving cheating and dishonesty will result in a referral and academic consequences.

While it is impossible to list each and every action that may constitute “cheating,” the following are common examples:
  • Copying another student’s homework or assessment (i.e. quiz or test)
  • Letting someone else copy completed work
  • Using “cheat sheets,” textbooks, any type of electronic device, or writing answers on any part of the desk, body, or garments during or after an assessment
  • Telling another student in a different class period what the assessment questions are, OR requesting such information from someone else
The memory on all calculators will be cleared before and after every assessment.
Online Textbook Resources
Students will receive their personalized log-in information from their teacher.

7th Grade Math:


Algebra I:  
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