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Final Exam Review Sheets
(Will be available in late May)
7th Grade Math (Level):  
7th Pre-Algebra (Pre-AP) and 8th Pre-Algebra (Level):  
7th/8th Algebra I (Pre-AP):
8th Geometry (Pre-AP):


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CISD Math Course Flowchart - NEW FILE COMING SOON!

McCJHS Math Department Rules
All work must be shown: No work = No credit.    
Late work is not accepted.  If you do not have it in class when it is due, it will be a zero.
If a project (major grade) is turned in late, 10 points will be deducted from the grade per school day for a maximum of 5 days.  After the 5th day late, the grade will be a zero.  Projects are typically due within a one-week window, therefore it is usually due on Monday but accepted until that Friday.  Missing school on a Friday does not excuse the student from the 10-point penalty because they had the opportunity to turn it in earlier that week.      
Grading for each Nine Weeks for all levels of math:
  • 60% Major Grades (tests and projects)
  • 20% Daily Grades (class work and homework)
  • 20% Quizzes (also includes lab activities)
Grading for each Semester:
7th Grade Math and 7th/8th Pre-Algebra
  • 45% First Nine Weeks
  • 45% Second Nine Weeks
  • 10% Semester Exam
Pre-AP Algebra-I and Geometry (High School Credit)
  • 42.5% First Nine Weeks
  • 42.5% Second Nine Weeks
  • 15% Semester Exam
Math Department Policy on Cheating

Any type of unauthorized communication or sharing of information or materials with others (verbal, nonverbal, or written) is considered cheating. (-McCJHS Student Handbook)

While it is impossible to list each and every action that may constitute ‚Äúcheating,‚ÄĚ the following are common examples:
  • Copying another student‚Äôs homework, quiz, or test.
  • Letting someone else copy your work.
  • Using ‚Äúcheat sheets,‚ÄĚ textbooks, any type of electronic device, or writing answers on any part of the body or garments during a test or quiz.
  • Using any homework, quizzes, or tests from a previous year.
  • Telling another student in a different class period what the test or quiz questions are, OR receiving such information from someone else.
  • Working with others on an assignment or project if your teacher assigned it as independent work.
  • Sending/Receiving text messages or emails with answers or other helpful information about a quiz or test.
The memory on scientific and graphing calculators will be cleared before every quiz and test.
Online Textbook Resources

7th Grade Math:


Algebra I:  (Red book)
Activation code:  2605011-10
ISBN#:  9780618890811
One time only: Choose your own login and password.

Activation code:  2605011-20
ISBN#:  9780618968732
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