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Cross Country – Girls

2023-2024 McC Girls Cross Country


Congratulations Lady Highlanders: Cross Country District Champs 2022

Past District Champions: 2006-2022

Tryout Results

Please make sure your daughter has selected XC on her course selections for 7th or 8th grade at McCullough. We will be sending out information via e-mail between now and tryouts.  Tryouts will be held the first week of school.  If your daughter makes the team, practices will occur during the XC class period ( 4th block red days for 8th grade and 4th block green days for 7th grade) as well as after school practices from 4:00-5:00 ( 7th grade practices after school on red days, 8th grade practices after school on green days).  Practice calendars will be handed out to all girls who make the team.

Time Standards for 7th grade- 2 miles in 18:00 or faster.  8th grade- 2 miles in 17:00 or faster. Failure to make the time standard will result in your schedule being changed and a move to PE for the year.

XC duffle bag website order form: 

Girls XC is on Twitter @mccgirlscc

Instagram @mccladyhighlanderxc

SportsYou account information will be given out to the girls once they make the team.


                     2023 Tentative Meet Schedule

August 19th– relay race at McC followed by meet the team breakfast ( location TBD)

August 25th– Friday Night Lights Bear Branch Soccer Fields

September 8th – Magnolia Dog Pound Invitational

September 14- McCullough Invitational

September 23rd- Grand Oaks Grizzly Invitational

September 29th Nike South- Bear Branch Soccer Fields

October 5th- Red/Green races at McC

October 14th  District meet hosted by Brahbam at Willis HS

Lady Highlander XC Team Rules/Policies

  1. Notification of missing practice – In addition to XC practices during the class period, our practices are set in advance after school, four days a week. Any athlete should tell one of the coaches, at least 24 hours ahead of time, if they’ll miss practice. Any absence without prior notice, or too many absences during the week, will result in the athlete having to forfeit the week’s upcoming competition. We understand that some of you will have sectionals or practices for other school activities. Please communicate with us!
  2. Missing Meets –  If you make a meet, the expectation is that you will be racing.  Any individual missing a meet without prior approval from the coach, will result in the athlete not competing at the following week’s meet.
  3. Misconduct at Meets – While at competition, any athlete bringing herself, the team, or the school into question, will result in the athlete having to sit out her race that day or miss the following week’s meet.
  4. Misconduct at Practice – The athlete will forfeit their upcoming meet, receive a referral, and will perform additional exercises under the supervision of the coach. Skipping class will result in a zero for the day’s participation and a referral for truancy. Repeated violations may result in removal from the team, and a schedule change into PE.
  5. Notification of injury or illness – The coaching staff requires a note or email from the parent(s) or the doctor in the event the athlete has incurred an injury or illness that we do not know about. The coach will decide on what will be done, if anything, at practice unless your doctor has a suggestion. No notification via note, leaves the coach to her own interpretation; therefore, the athlete should be prepared to workout. If an athlete has to miss three consecutive days or more of practice, a doctor’s note will be required. We will keep documentation each time you have to sit out for practice. If you end up sitting out more than you run, your schedule will be changed to PE.  
  6. Attendance policy – While we want to work fairly with everyone, we also will require some compromise with other activities our athletes are a part of.
  7. Dress – For practice, you need to be ready to run in shorts, tank top or short sleeved shirt, sports bra, running shoes and socks. Dress appropriately for cooler weather ( including long sleeved shirts, gloves, run tights etc…).  Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail and out of the eyes. You must also bring a water bottle to practice each day.  Failure to participate in the day’s workout due to dress code will result in a zero for the day’s grade.  
  8. Theft – Athletes have a right to work out in a place where their personal belongings  aren’t being taken by others. Individuals will not compete for the remainder of the season, will receive a referral and could be removed from the team and class. The student will also perform additional exercises under the supervision of the coach.  
  9. Vandalism – Individuals will replace any ruined items at her expense and the individual will not compete for the remainder of the season and could be removed from the team and class. The student will also perform additional exercises under the supervision of the coach.
  10. Signing out at competitions – All athletes are strongly encouraged to stay for the duration of the meet, in order to create a team atmosphere and to support their fellow team members.  Athletes will only be allowed to sign out after their cool down run and a brief team meeting, if we have one. Failure to sign out will result in you not participating in any future meets.  Athletes need to clean up the area and pick up empty water bottles, snack wrappers, and other miscellaneous items prior to leaving. Always leave the area cleaner than you found it.


If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the information in this document, please contact the Cross Country Coach.


Cross Country Tryouts

If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the documents below, please contact the athletic coach.

Must have a Pre-Participation Physical Form and birth certificate turned into the coaches office. Please visit the McCullough Athletics page for information about the Pre-Participation Physical Form Process

Purchase your CC t-shirt from the SchoolCashOnline

More Important Information

What We Are:

  • A distance program
  • An Athletics class
  • A team and individual sport
  • A fun program for girls who run and enjoy running
  • Preparing athletes to run for TWHS State and Nationally-Ranked Cross Country program

What We Are Not:

  • A P.E. class
  • A fitness/weight-loss program
  • A sprint/track program
  • A beginners running program

Head Coach

Assistant Coach