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McCullough JHS Golf Information

Golf  is a club sport here that was implemented to not interfere with the other sports offered here at McCullough.  All that is needed for golf is they must be a current student at McCullough for the 2020-2021 school year, have a physical dated after April 15, 2020 and have their own golf clubs. Golf at McCullough is very competitive, it is not a learn to play program.  Knowledge of the rules and how to play is required.  Also each player is responsible for getting to the course.  We do not have a bus due to 90% of our golfers are in Private PE and will be leaving school early anyway.

Our golf program at the Junior High level here is pretty basic and mainly for fun.  It is considered a club sport in our district which means that it does not interfere with the school day.  In other words the kids will not have an athletics class to participate in, they will just keep the same schedule and play after school.  Our school is pretty unique in that over the last 10 years that I have been here we do not have scheduled practice, as most of our kids are in Private PE and they leave an hour early each day and go to their instructors and golf courses.  The kids that stay in school the whole day will do the same after school.  Our golf season and tournament schedule starts in early April and is 6 weeks long.  We play 5 nine hole tournaments starting at 4pm.  On average unless you are the top two every week you will play in two tournaments.   All that is required is to show up for tryouts in which we will change it up this year and have tryouts much earlier.  It is very competitive and we will have on average about 15 boys trying out for each grade.  We play nine holes and take the lowest 8 scores for each grade. Those 8 will make up the team.  After that all they have to do is show up for the tournaments they are scheduled to play.  Only 5 can play per week so the lowest 2 scores will play the next week and pick up the three that did not play the week before.  They will have to check out of school and are responsible for getting to the course before 4pm.  They will be excused for missing 4th period on tournament days they are scheduled to play.


Tryouts will be coming up in March after Spring Break.  You will have to sign up for tryouts in Coach Lubenau’s room (B103). In order to get on the list, you need to do 2 things.  Number 1.  Turn in a current physical dated after April 15th 2021.  If you played a sport or tried out for a sport this school year then you should have a physical here.  If not then you need to get one and turn it in to Coach Lubenau.  Number 2.  We have to pay a green fee to use the golf course for tryouts, you will need to turn in $25 dollars to Coach Lubenau.  Once Coach Lubenau gets both the physical and green fee you will then you can scan the QR code to be put on the list.

Once we get a number of how many plan on trying out then we can call the course and schedule the tryout date and tee times.  So, if you plan on trying out you need to get on the list. Deadline will be the Thursday, March 10th, before we go on Spring Break.

Only give the course fee and physical to Coach Lubenau.  There is no guarantee that it will make it to him if you drop it off with someone else.  Any questions email

Special note:  This is not a learn to play program, you must have knowledge of the rules and have your own clubs.